Who? What? When? Where? But mostly why?

In terms of my testimony, all you really need to know is that who I was and who I am are two very different people and it’s only because I’ve surrendered my life to Christ. Prior to doing that, I was a train wreck. My friendships, family relationships, and all dating relationships were a disaster. My teenage years were a whirlwind of bad decisions that led to more bad decisions as a result of trying to deal with the repercussions of the original bad decisions.

I was missing THE key relationship and that was one with my Savior!  Through surrendering to Christ, I learned so many things about who I am and who I am in relation to my Almighty God. As I learned who I was in relation to Him, I prayerfully sought wisdom on how I could better my relationships with others and redeem the sad story of my dating life. God has taught me so much! As I speak with others in their own sticky situations, I am reminded of God’s call to love and encourage one another as He has loved and encouraged us.

As a pursue my college degree and discern my future plans, it is my honor to share with those around me the lessons I’ve been given. I pray that as I share God uses what He has taught me to mold hearts. Because as He changes our hearts, he equips us to change the world for the gospel and that is something I pray we can all play our part in!

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